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Since I was a young girl,  I have always been into martial arts. In my early stages I started with karate at the tender age 6. Soon, I achieved a S.K.I.E.F 1st Dan Black belt at the age of 12 and thereafter developed a strong desire for wanting to compete at an amateur level.

 I then joined a kickboxing gym to give myself a kick start into the competitive fight scene.

I progressed to a variety of different tried and tested martial art forms in order to heighten my knowledge in the different combat components, to eventually find styles that best suited me.

Moving on, I am currently competing out of the Gorilla Fitness and Combat Grimsby; as an active K1 and amateur MMA fighter.

During my career I have competed on some big shows such as “Road to Glory” and “King of Combat”. I would now like pursue this direction and attain further success on a bigger fight stage.

I now work as a successful Personal Trainer, and pass on my knowledge and expertise to clients that value my techniques, and benefit from this extensive knowledge.


Through my career I have taken away one key lesson …“ Persistence always pays off “ - Jessica Carrington
                                               MATEUSZ DUCZMAL 

My name is Mateusz Duczmal and I am a 25 years old professional Muay Thai / K-1 fighter representing one of the best fight team's in UK - Bad Company Gym Leeds.

I was born in Poland where I started my fight training in 2011. After a successful amateur career representing my country, I become an

  • IFMA Muay Thai Champion
  • WKF Kickboxing World Champion
  • Silver medalist Thai boxing
  • Bronze medallist in K-1


I then turned professional and continued fighting on many different stages around the world including: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, Holland, Belarus and China.

I continued to chase my dreams and in 2015 when I travelled to Thailand where I spent 9 months developing my striking skills, and then fought  in many stadiums . It was shortly thereafter I decided to immigrate to the England and further pursue my dreams.

The great city of Leeds welcomed me, and I now represent one of the best fight training team’s in the world – “Bad Company”.  I am working relentlessly every day with my coach “Richard Smith” to become the best in my career. At the moment my professional record is 19 - 9 - 2   

My dream is to ultimately win a Professional World Title, and be the best light heavyweight champion standing. I am certain that eventually I will achieve all my goals due to my dedication, and constantly improving at a rapid rate every day.

I’m now proud to be a part of the Wolkernite Team - We dream big, we work hard, and one day our efforts will be rewarded. Big things yet to come







 Picked up a pair of gloves at the age of 13, followed my brother’s footsteps along the way and from thereon, the world made perfect sense.

In my early days, I enjoyed watching my older brother box in the ring, and admired how he respected and took the sport seriously. Quickly he ascended to become a British and Common Wealth Boxing Champion.

It was then I began training under the guidance of Keith Tait, who mentored and motivated me to continue walking the road of boxing.

Within our classes, he identified my true potential and sheer hunger to always defeat my opponents without question or doubt. It was then when he encouraged me to exploit my full talents, and endeavour to do well within the sport.

In the early days of my career, I fought a total of 5 Fights, which comprised of 3 wins by stoppage and 2 losses.

A loss to me was something I was never content with. With this in mind, I became obsessed with not only winning the fight, but also out- classing my opposition with my natural skill set and phenomenal power. I not only trained my body, but also conditioned my mind to appreciate the sweet science art form.

Moving on and steadily growing throughout my career, I have had a total of 60 fights, comprising of 54 Wins and 6 loses.

I have also made some considerable accomplishments along the way such as,

  • Celtic Champion Gold medal
  • Box Club Championship Tile
  • Twice ABA Finalist
  • Twice Tri Nations Finalist
  • Novis Championship Title
  • Twice British University Champion
  • Recently completed Team GB trials for Rio 2016 Olympics


“What I enjoy most about boxing, is the preparation for battle. I feel as athletes, we become the modern day gladiators as we ready for war”

There is no better feeling than that of besting your opponent in the ring, and proving superiority, after a brutal battle.

With all that being said, I will continue to focus on my PRO career, and who knows; maybe someday I will be a World Championship Title Holder.



I love this game and everything it stands for, and as sure as the sun will rise, my best is yet to come.








 I was born with Poland's Syndrome, a disability that caused me to have no fingers on my right hand and no pectoralis major on the same side of my body. At the tender age of one, I had an operation to transplant one toe from each of my feet onto my hand, to give me opposable digits and enable me to grasp objects. I have always enjoyed activity, and continued to challenge my condition through sport

From a young age I have always had that competitive streak within me. I swam for the Sheffield swimming squad, played badminton to a county level, and then tennis to a club level.

I then moved on to table tennis at the age of 9, playing with dad on an old busted table. It was here were all the journey began. The training soon became more than just a hobby. At the age 10, I decided to take things to the next level. I became obsessed with the speed and intensity that was brought by the game. I rapidly claimed my position in the top able bodied under 15’s category, competing at an international level.

At the age of 17, I was scouted by the Team GB Paralympic squad, who took me in to train and prepare for the London 2012 games. I competed reaching the last 16 players in the tournament.

The chance to play in London inspired and motivated me to do more within the sport. In my mind, I knew that the experience at the games was something no one could ever take away from me.

Competing on the biggest stage in sport, in my home nation in front of thousands of British people was something I would never forget. 

During the period I trained with the Paralympic squad, I got to learn more about different athletes with other disabilities. It’s at this moment in my life I was then inspired to study and become a Medical Doctor. I am now a 4th Year Medical Student at the University of Leeds, and till today still continue with my training alongside my studies.

I feel like I want to give something back to both the athletic and medical community collectively, as both these elements completely changed my life and the way I perceive things. Now I am proud to be ranked 9th in the world within my category, and am an established member of the Team GB Performance squad with aims for the games in Rio.



“Challenge all life’s obstacles, and use these experiences to transform your body, as well as your mind in every way”







 As a little girl, I always knew I wanted a job that made people feel good about themselves. My work history has seen me working all around the globe, including the Alps at extreme sports events i.e. surfing, skating, snowboarding, and downhill biking.

When I moved back to the UK from France, I could no longer spend my days with a snowboard strapped to my feet. I knew I had to fill my life with another adrenaline filled activity, therefore I found this fulfillment in personal training.

I believe that health is about the overall fitness of the body and the mind. I wanted to share my passion and transform the lives of others.

Since becoming a personal trainer, I've focused on functional fitness, run boot camps and “fit mums classes”. I also devised a “Bikini Babes” fitness program and worked with client’s eager to alter their physique on a one to one basis.


This year I have also been sponsored by Gold Standard Nutrition, and now moving to Dubai to work for an elite training company called Pinnacle Performance.

 I am currently prepping for the WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion), and will be competing soon.



I like to dream big, and it is my goal to motivate and inspire people to lead a healthy and happy life.









I never used to take my sports seriously, but since the loss of my leg, I have totally changed my outlook to life.

After my operation, I was told that my new limits were the “can not’s” and the “can’t do’s”.

Upon hearing this I made it my life’s mission to show myself and everyone else what could be achieved. Within a year of taking my sports seriously, I then trialed for team GB Paralympics, and now hope to represent my country one day on the world stage.



“Boundaries are there to give you something to push against, but goals are achieved by small steps of determination. Loss only makes you realize how much you still have to give, and how you can still achieve goals, regardless”