Developed in 2018, we are Wolkernite sport; an independent athleisure clothing brand established and based in the United Kingdom. We are manufacturers of fitness training clothing, headwear and gym apparel.

Our brand captures the essence of quality and durability, entwined with the perfect blend of fashion, to bring forth efficiency and comfort.

In addition, our products are built to withstand the harsh and complex training environments.

Our values:

  • The Wolkernite emblem is the symbol of our strength, and we will always act with courage to revolutionise the norm
  • Encourage the freedom of diverse creativity and all innovative concepts, with zero limits
  • Product quality is key, and we will never compromise on high standards
  • Making a difference within communities and people’s lives, along with  advocating respect for all
  • Be true to our cause, and continue to share our passion in the competitive spirit of sport

Frequently asked questions:

  • How do you pronounce the brand name?

Answer: / Wol – ker – nite /

  • What does Wolkernite mean?

Answer: / wʊlf / Wolf