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The Compression Base layer is different to other Baselayer products in the Industry. With a slightly heavier Spandex composition, this garment is designed to clinch on to your body, hence protecting the vital area (THE CORE) by retaining heat levels, therefore allowing the users muscles to react in the most naturally physical way possible. The EGOevo Short Sleeve Compression Baselayer, has been test under harsh conditions, and has proved to be a favourite amongst MMA fighters, Gym weight lifters, Rugby players and Cardio focused trainers. This product has also been seen worn by power walkers, runners etc A recommended essential...

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This piece is characterized by its lightweight, and soft but durable feel. Ideal for training due to its performance benefits. In addition, the style of shirt allows for it's supporter to benefit from the positives, whilst looking and feeling professional.The CoolPlus fabric technology absorbs moisture away from the skin, and transfers it through to the surface, enabling the garment to dry much quicker during activity.So, if your considering this style of shirt, be it for golfing, casual business wear, or simply because you like the look, then here you will find what you're looking for, in the colours you love....

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The Baselayer is the most fundamental component of cold-weather comfort. With the advent of new fabrics, technologies and manufacturing processes, the world of Baselayers has ever become as complex and varied, as the environments they are used in.  Whether you are big outdoor sports fan or love to lift weights in the gym, our Performance Baselayers will keep you warm and comfortable. Our product is light/paper weight with a moisture management system to help retain the body warmth during exercise, and fitted to wrap around the shape of your body. This product is highly recommended for game/active why not get...

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