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AW - EGOevo Sleeveless Compression Baselayer

Boxing is a fine art of combat that has been practiced for decades. Over time, the garments worn before and during a contest have seen a change and of late, comfort has become a focal point of this SWEET SCIENCE.

With this in mind, the industry has welcomed the introduction of The EGOevo Compression Baselayer.

Comprised of a unique spandex Super stretch fabric, the garment will cocoon and conform to the natural shape of your body, allowing flexibility of motion, Dry comfort feel, and durability of wear with regular washing exposure.

It is excellent value for money for everyone with a passion for sport.

The true beauty of this product lies within its maintenance. It only requires a normal 30 Degree wash, a simple tumble dry, and you are all Set to Go, again.

This popular product is a must have addition to your Alphawoolfe collection. Look good, and more importantly feel good during your exercise training.


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